Friday, May 31, 2013

End-of-May Knitting Update

Hi. My name is Robin, and I just started another knitting project.

I now have five projects on the needles (six if you count the wrap kit that Katie gave me, but I'm not counting that yet...).
The Sky Scarf is progressing nicely, one sky at a time. The baby blanket's baby is due soon, so I'm knitting that project with some urgency. The Teal Diamonds sweater, for afghans for Afghans, is due by "early summer," so there is some urgency there as well. As a result, the Woodland Shawl has been languishing in what I hope is a brief hibernation.

So of course, the last thing I need is a new project. And yet:

I bought this yarn at Stitches Midwest two years ago. Then, last year, at Vogue Knitting Live Chicago, I saw a woman wearing a Bermuda shawl, and fell in love. The yarn and pattern were made for each other. The yarn is Kauni, in the rainbow (EQ) color - it runs from this yellow-orange through a variety of color changes, including the blue & green that you see in that bit of skein. Those color changes are ideal for this shawl!

The final bit of star aligning that led to my casting on this project is that Ann happens to be leading a class, at Stitching Memories, to knit this shawl. So what was I supposed to do?

Cast it on. Of course!

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