Monday, May 27, 2013

East and West

We've had a couple visits with family the past two weekends.

On the 17th, Jim and I drove to Chicago, for Jon's graduation from Northwestern Law School:

Jon earned his law degree from BYU Law School, and his LLM (Master of Laws) in taxation from Northwestern.

Old and new lawyers - Jim and Jon

Now, if one of Jon's interviews will pan out, they'll be doubly happy. (And if he lands on this side of the country, we'll be doubly happy!)

The graduation was held at the Chase Theatre, an impressive facility. We managed to find Laura and the boys, and were soon joined by Dave & Joyce. Alas, there was not really time nor opportunity to admire the theater - although we arrived early, the house lights were down, so we couldn't see much. (Well, Laura and Joyce spent time in the halls with M & C - I'm betting they saw a bit more!)

I realized that I haven't attend many graduations in my life. I can think of just four: my own graduation from Moon High School (back in the dark ages of 1973); my graduation from Michigan State University (1977); Lori's graduation from Brigham Young University (1978); and now Jon's law school graduation. It seemed to be fairly typical, with various remarks and awards and such, followed by the parade of students making their way across the stage. Many of the graduates (including Jon) had family walking with them - babes in arms, toddlers, small children. To me, it represented the contribution (and sacrifices) families had made toward this accomplishment, as well as a message that family ranked up there with the degree - a nice sentiment!

After the ceremony, we walked down to Macy's and enjoyed a meal (lunch? dinner?) at the Walnut Room. Previously, I'd only eaten there during the Christmas chaos season, when it was absolutely packed and we had to wait 30-60 minutes for a table. On this occasion, it was calm and uncrowded, much better suited to the whims and antics of little boys. We enjoyed eating and chatting; C laughed delightfully (crowed, really); M just talked and talked.

This past Saturday, I drove the other direction, to visit Paul and Rachelle in Plymouth. No major happenings going on (N will graduate from high school next year; Jim & I are hoping he will decide to attend the True University).

I only got one good people picture (I should not try for candid shots; they seldom result in anything worth sharing...):

Paul (and Molly)

I enjoyed going with them to Plymouth's Farmers' Market. Lots of plants (bedding plants, tomatoes, etc), lots of hand soap (!), lots of good-looking sweets (especially the cheesecake). We limited ourselves to bedding plants and a couple tomato plants.

Back to Paul & Rachelle's for lunch and conversation, followed by another trip downtown, this time to Yogurt Palooza. The challenge there was to dish ourselves reasonably sized servings, rather than completely filling up the rather large cups they provided. We walked around downtown a bit afterwards - it was a beautiful day, perfect for a stroll. As we crossed the green space in the center of town, we reflected on the time we attended the ice festival there a few years ago - wonderful ice sculptures, but bitterly cold (thank heavens for hot chocolate).

Much too short a visit - but good to see that everyone is alive and well!

Here are a few more graduation photos:

Laura and Jon

Jon and Joyce

Jon and Dave

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