Saturday, November 23, 2013

Changing Seasons

Tonight I offer a bit of a photo essay. The weather has been changing, and I want to remember those last spectacular fall colors.

October 22, Friendship Village

October 23, Freys Park (North end)

We have had snow teasers several times:

October 24, Freys Park

Beautiful skies:

October 25, Friendship Village

October 25, Freys Park

This is our house. That tree in front? We planted it sometime in the first few years we lived here. It's grown just a little...

November 3

November 9

It was pouring rain when I took this photo, outside the Red Robin restaurant in Portage. I was impressed that this tree still had such colorful foliage:

November 11

Last Sunday, November 17, we had terrible weather - high winds, tornado watch, and lots of rain. Trees were blown down, and many people had no power for several days. (We were very fortunate - no storm damage, no power loss.)

With all that, the leaves are pretty much gone now. Here's the north end of Freys Park, today:

November 23

And look what else happened today. It was the last day for the outdoor Farmers' Market on Bank Street; next week they move across the street, to the bingo hall. I'm guessing the vendors were wishing they'd moved indoors today!

Farmers Market, Bank Street

Robin, Jess, Jenny

Yes, that is snow you see on those fruits and vegetables.

When we left the market, the roads were a mess of ice under snow. It took forever to get home (it probably didn't help that we went out of our way to stop at Sweetwater's Donuts), but at least we made it in one piece. Before long, the sun came out and put paid to that ice.

This is in our neighborhood, just before I arrived home - and look at those two trees, still with leaves, after the storms and rain and snow. I think those are ornamental pear trees; I may try to persuade Jim that we should plant one next year...

And, last but not least, a beagle photo. Worn-out beagles need rest!

I love her paws, tucked in Just So.

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