Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Jim & I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with Paul & Rachelle. Travel was complicated by Jim's attending the Michigan State Numismatic Society coin show; we ended up driving over in two cars, and then spending Thursday night in a hotel in Warren. Friday morning, Jim headed to the coin show, and I joined Paul for a session at the Detroit Temple, before heading home (other Beer family members joined the Black Friday throngs). Jim will drive home sometime Saturday, depending on how things go at the coin show.

Pictures of all the people and all the deliciousness:

Paul, Rachelle, Annie

Tim, N

M, Jim

Molly's begging was for naught. She is allergic to just about everything, including turkey (and dirt?!?), so no scraps for her...

Molly, under the table

Everyone brought something to the meal; M provided the rolls, which were both delicious and delightful:

Detroit Temple, on a beautiful morning

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