Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall in Kalamazoo, With a Side of Snow

Just sharing a few photos. These first two were taken the other day. I realized that, by taking photos from different perspectives, our home has quite a different look.

This first shot is from Piccadilly, showing the back of our home, and giving a good idea of the trees around our house:

I shot this photo from the park. That stretch of trees, along the west side of the park, is a nice addition to our home's landscaping.

This is just a view of some of my favorite trees - the red maple that we planted years ago; the pine tree that was once a Christmas Tree in the living room (that was before our time); the tree / bush by the west window in our living room:

These next two shots were taken when Bonnie and I left for our walk at lunchtime today:

Yes, that is snow

The snow didn't last, of course, and by the end of our walk, the weather had shifted from winter back to fall:

I love this weeping willow, or whatever it is...

It continued to snow off and on through the afternoon, and into the evening. Really, it's been quite lovely!


  1. Some comments:

    1) The snow left very soon and within a few days it was in the 70s. Michigan, I love your variety!
    2) The "red maple we planted several years ago" is sometimes known as "Jim's Tree" because I wanted a red maple in our yard. It was planted right around when our friend Shane Holden was born. Both have grown tall through the years.
    3) That is not a weeping willow, it is a hawthorn tree.


  2. A hawthorn tree? I had no clue!

    I meant to take a picture of you by that red maple - when it still had leaves - so I could post it next to the picture we took when we planted it - back when it was shorter than you.