Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A WIP Becomes an FO *

I finally finished my Cerus Scarf. I love the yarn, and the way the linen stitch scattered the colors about. This is yarn that I bought at the Fiber Festival in Allegan, the first year I went (2008?). It's been percolating in my stash since then, and I think this was the perfect project for it.

Knitting a lengthwise scarf is a bit daunting, but only slightly so. I swatched before starting, and so had a pretty good idea how many stitches to cast on, in order to get the length I wanted. But while it was on the needles, I really couldn't judge how long the scarf is, so I had to knit on, in somewhat blind faith, hoping for the best.

And, hurrah, the knitted swatch did not lie to me. The finished scarf is just over 5 feet long, which is a good length. I am happy!

Meanwhile, the Shedir chemo cap is progressing nicely. There is a lot of cabling, and I keep losing my cable needle, and that slows me down a bit (tonight it fell into a box, and I hunted a good while before thinking to look there). But I've finished 35 rows, out of 83, and soon the decreases begin, and then it should move along faster.

The chemo cap is not good 'meeting' knitting, but I've discovered that the owl blanket is. So, although my recent meetings have been the sort that aren't conducive to knitting, I'm still making some progress on that project.

WIP: Work in Progress
FO: Finished Object

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