Saturday, November 19, 2011

WMU Turkey Trot

This morning, I ran the WMU Turkey Trot - my first 5K! My goal was to finish, and I expected to do that in about an hour. I did indeed finish, and I ran it in just over 57 minutes (that's the unofficial result, based on looking at the clock as I ran in).

Here's a motley-looking crew, at the beginning of the race. I am not in this group; I was deliberately hanging out in the back.

I knew there would be hills, but my goodness. We immediately had a long uphill run, past the Bernhard Center. I ran it, at my typical pace, but it took a lot out of me! Somewhere in the intramural fields, I dropped back to a walk, and I stayed walking through the next hill, up Howard Street. But then I was able to switch back to five-minute runs, with short walk breaks, and I finished the course running.

I'm guessing that I ran for about half the time. That group of people behind me were walking, and they were in no hurry, so I passed them when I started running again. I confess, that gave me an inordinate sense of pleasure.

Jim snapped this while I was removing the chip from my shoe - I don't look too bad, do I?!?

Now I guess I'll go for a walk with Bonnie and Tonks.


  1. Thanks Annette & Sarah!

    Just for the record... My time was 57:37, my pace was 18:33.