Sunday, November 6, 2011

Four Knits: A WIP Update

I took photos yesterday of my WIPs (works-in-progress), so I can provide a bit of an update.

The color on this photo is deceiving. This scarf is really blue, not purple. This is the Cerus Scarf, designed by Hilary Smith Callis. It's basically a linen stitch, knit lengthwise. I'm shooting for a width of 5.5 or 5.75 inches, and I think I'll be there in a row or two.

This is the Sophie Rabbit, designed by Ysolda Teague. As you can see, Miss Rabbit is nearly complete; she just needs a couple ears. They are a bit tricky, but I've got one under way (there where the DPN's are making her look like a voodoo doll), and hope to finish her up soon.

Just yesterday I started this chemo cap. I'm using the Shedir pattern, by Jenna Wilson. I expect this will be a fairly quick knit (quick by my slow standards, anyway).

Finally, here is my owl blanket. Again, the color is less than perfect - this blanket is really a very rich, brilliant green. I'm using a slightly modified version of the Sleepy Owl Blanket pattern, designed by Lori Emmitt. I've nearly finished 4 rows, and have 5 to go after that, so this one is further from being complete! But it's a pretty straightforward knit, and moves quickly.

I have one more WIP, a pie wedge lace shawl, but it's moving so slowly I'm not even mentioning it...!

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