Monday, June 23, 2014

At the Supreme Court

Just as attorney is admitted to a state bar, an attorney can also be admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court. The former allows an attorney to practice law in that state; the latter allows the attorney to practice before the Supreme Court. The latter is also extremely cool.

On June 9, Jim, and other BYU (J Reuben Clark) law school graduates, were admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court. This was quite an experience. We met our group (BYU) outside the Supreme Court building. Together, we went in, and eventually made our way to a room set up with a buffet breakfast.

The guests in our group were then taken to the Court Chamber, and seated. The process was very orderly and dignified. As more guests were seated, there was a bit of chatter; periodically, one of the officers would ask for quiet, which amused me a bit (although I did manage to hold my tongue).

The group of BYU attorneys was one of the last admitted to the room, and Jim sat just a couple rows in front of me. With his position and height, of course, he had a better view than I. I could see most of the justices when they entered, and a court room artist; Jim could see all the justices, and Nina Totenberg.

Associate Justices Elena Kagan, Clarence Thomas, and Anthony Kennedy each read a court decision (I found Kagan's case to be the most interesting, and was discussed on All Things Considered by Ms Totenberg) (Yes, we do have our heroes, however nerdy they may be).

James Rasband, Dean of the BYU Law School, introduced the group from BYU, and read the individual names. Chief Justice John Roberts approved the requests for admission to the bar.

The court was then adjourned, and we headed back to our room for photos and congratulations. Chief Justice Roberts stopped by and spoke briefly, and then Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg came in and spoke for a good bit with the new members of the bar.

It was all very heady.☺

The Authority of Law

The Contemplation of Justice

The Main Entrance, on the west side

Chief Justice John Marshall

Robin and Jim

Jim & Robin, and Janice and Richard Winder
We were the Michigan Contingent
(the Winders are from Lansing)

Chief Justice John Roberts

Jim, and Craig Lundell, representing the class of '81

BYU Law School Group
Dean Rasband is in the front row, 4th from the right

With Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

My favorite attorney

The Court Chamber (after the session)

The Great Hall

Chief Justice John Marshall

The turtle symbolizes longevity, and
the slow, yet deliberate, pace of justice

The Capitol, viewed from the west entrance of the court

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