Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Family Tour 2014 (Chicago)

At the end of May, Sarah and the boys visited her parents in Chicago. We hadn't seen them in ages - we hadn't even met the youngest grand-nephew - so we were delighted to drive over for a quick visit.

Here is Joyce with the older grand-nephew, J.

This is the face you get when you say "smile!"

If you wait long enough, a cute boy emerges
from all that silliness

Somehow, J looks older and wiser in this photo:

Dave and young B engage in their own hilarity:

B will be one year old tomorrow!

Some years ago, on one of their visits to Kalamazoo, I tried to teach Sarah and Jon to knit. Sarah's knitting was great, except that it was so tight, it practically stood on its own. Since then, while living in Virginia, she took lessons at her local yarn store (fibre space, I think), with great results. She showed me the scarf she's been working on, and it is gorgeous - soft and cushy. Some lucky soul will get to wear this yumminess!

Sarah and I took the boys for a walk around the neighborhood. We saw several gardens with these buried glassware pieces as decoration - they seem pretty enough, but burying them seems like hiding their light in a bushel...

A token shot of the quintessential Pullman street:

Next up: Family Tour 2014 (East Coast)!

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