Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Family Tour 2014 (More East Coast Family)

While in Washington, D.C., we went to church with Jon and Laura, and then visited with them a bit. (We visited before church as well, and managed to make them late for church. Oops.)

As soon as we sat down on the couch, two little guys glommed onto Jim:

Jim, C, and M
M went on to other things (including an elaborate "which is different" game), but C was content to sit and read with Jim.

After church, we tried for a group guy photo, but there were some challenges:

Jim, C, Jon, M
Love this photo!
Laura is an accomplished pianist, and she played a Chopin piece for us. I felt like royalty or something, sitting in on a private recital. It was magnificent!

Jon and Laura
We've really enjoyed these brief visits with our scattered nieces and nephews. It's particularly gratifying that they want to see us, too. We're headed to Chicago again soon, to see two grand-nieces - and their parents, of course!

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