Monday, June 23, 2014

Family Tour 2014 (Wolcottsville)

On the 14th, just a few days home from our trip to Washington, D.C., we went down to Howe, to visit with family and bury Vic's ashes. We met at the Howe Restaurant, for breakfast.

This was our first opportunity to spend time with J and C - delightful young boys!

Angela, A, J, Doug


Rich & Jim

Karen, Angela, A, and J
We finished breakfast with time to spare, and so went to the town square, to wander through the market there, and let the kids play a bit.

A and Meghan


J (such a nice-looking young man!)

John and Angela, Meghan and Doug
Karen, C, A, and J

Amish horses hanging out

We were pretty informal at the cemetery. Karen had John read a verse from a Valentine card that Vic had given her, and we had a moment of silence, and recited the Lord's Prayer.

From there, we went to Karen's new house in Wolcottville. It's very pleasant, on the water. We sat and talked, and Karen and I played badminton with J and C (I was really really bad). We didn't stay too long, and headed back home.

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