Friday, June 27, 2014

Beautiful Things (The Animal Version)

Our friend Glade has been writing poetry during his retirement, and we came away from Nauvoo with a copy of his book, Through the Eye of the Needle.

One poem, On Aging, reflects on the inevitability of aging, on "pains and graying hair." I like the last stanza:
"Yet I am content, grateful for a life filled
with beautiful flowers and waterfalls."
I try to fill my mind with beautiful things - plants and animals and people and skies. Walking with Bonnie helps on that score. Here are some of the beautiful (and amusing) things we've seen. Actually, it turns out that I've had a lot of animals in my viewfinder lately:

Squirrel #1

Squirrel #2

Squirrel #3

One of the first robins of spring

Ducks, hanging out in someone's front yard
(I love ducks)

This dog managed to bark at us
without dropping that ball in his mouth

Bonnie & Tonks in the synchronized sleeping competition

Our sweet Bonnie

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